Post your poptropicans!

Heres my poptropicans!

My main poptropican, Dangerous shark!

My cat, Fierce fang!

Invaderzim, Creepy club!

My monkey companion, Short drummer!

And Godzilla, Super typhoon!

Make sure to post your poptropican (it doesn’t have to be a picture it can be a link to the avatar studio).


20 Responses to “Your poptropicans!”

  1. Tomzilla Says:

    Anyone gonna post your poptropicans?

  2. Noisy Fish Says:

    How can i put my poptropican on there?

    1. Tomzilla Says:

      Of course! 😀

  3. ummm…. user: Bobitator

  4. toonmaster Says:

    hi nice blog

  5. My username is bananaphone3. 😀

    1. Angry Wing Says:

      How did you get a custom name?

  6. dobu12 Says:

    my poptropican’s username:dobu12

  7. Golden Hammer Says:

    user: monm6

  8. lolkutiepie Says:

    User: Cuteness73

  9. FastShadow Says:

    user:… I’m not going to tell you guys but here’s the link 😀

  10. Happy Fang Says:

    Hi,I’m new… My users are

    psst… my “mannok” account is the one with never-ending and strangely free membership…

    1. Tomzilla Says:

      Its suppost to last forever, untill you press “stop membership”
      But It will charge you every 1 month, ir 6, depending on how you bought it.

  11. One Of Mine IS…

    User: ThunderSmash1

  12. shining star Says:

    um…I’m kind of new here and I have been wondering where you get the cat,dog and monkey costumes.and if you have any maybe we could meet up online.

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