Post links to your random pictures xD.

Heres some of mine,


TomZilla from "TomZilla's Revenge!"


TomZilla fires his atomic breath at a unofficial monster :d.


A TomZilla video game? :O


Rememeber the cop from TomZilla Revenge? This is how he died 😀 xD.


TomZilla is, FIRN' HIS LAZA!



THE DOOR WON'T OPEN! Oh wait, its a wall xD.


5 Responses to “Random Pics.”

  1. Golden Shell Says:

    Cool animation! 😀

  2. lolkutiepie Says:

    :0 VIDEO GAME?!? That be epic. Aww he died like that. Nice,how do you do that?!

    1. Tomzilla Says:

      KP, although your my friend, I can not tell you how I got/made these xD.

  3. Noisy Fish Says:

    Thoose pictures are awesome TomZilla keep up the good work!

  4. anahappysword Says:

    In would be sorry for the cop but for some reason i actually find it funny seeing a guy get blasted by atomic breath…..

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