Sorry for not posting people! I have been quite busy >_< Sorry especially to you Tommy! I just wanted to say a few words, first of all, check the maid site! I have a totally cool page I might add to this site if you guys like it! Also, I’m thinking of making a maid service page here! That way you could be able to call a maid to clean your house!maybe I can even put Tommy in a maid dress :} Oh wow I got to go! Hey visit me  at the phf, my username is Sana!EDIT: Tomzilla: Wow you beat me before I could post this:




I met with Hijuyo at 12:20 last night 😀

Well since I don’t have a camera (yet) I have to make my friend Supernicecake or otherise knowed as Cake take the pictures for me Thanks Cake for the awesome picture!

Lol maid dress howbout you put that on Dobu12

Well C’ya!

Another edit…: Tomzilla: NEVER CLICK THIS LINK


Hi everyone! I’m Sana the maid of poptropica ^^ Feel free to call me whatever you want! I’m a  good friend of Tommy’s (tomzilla) so he invited me to this totally awesome and cool blog! Sorry for the late post >_< my maid service is very popular you know! Lately my work has been getting in the way of my free time! Back on track though, I can be really nice but sometimes I may be moody so in that case I’ll just warn you guys xD well tahts all for now, I just got a call about a certain house full of paranormal activity that needs a clean up ^_-