Hello fellow poptropicans i am currently tied up. Sigh Im bored.why did i buy an early acsess pass? When you playcounterfeit island the police officer who is a girl. Is a thief. Don’t trust her! Right next to me is a traitor. He got tied up too. Anyway bye(lol this was a scene from counterfeit island you do get tied up and the girl police offecier in black is a thief! she is the one who gave you the lie detector test).

EDIT:Tomzilla: A random post eh?

Thats ok cause this blog is about randomess! 😀


Hey guys its dobu12 sorry i have’nt been posting i have like 4 blogs 2 of whom that i do not update so………..on to the news!

Counterfiet islands comin! heres some pics!:Hmm i see a boat a police officer a florist a construction worker and a jazz themed cafe? They are all part of counterfeit island witch is strange because counterfeit means fake. Oh well in time we will see!

EDIT:Hi this is Tomzilla speaking there is a new post on the creators blog :

New ride?!!?

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Hey its me dobu! There are 2 new ad’s!!! First one is The electric company for pbs kids go ages 1-9 it does not have ANY quest so on to the next one Monsters Inc for ages 10+ there IS a very hard quest so follow me as i lead you through it(i suggest that you go somewhere you can fly or glide like super power,early poptropica or time tangled island or else this is more like a jumping game 😀 ) Peace out!

Hey im a new auther in this blog so i want to say hi……….hi i guess :D.