Herro, I’m here posting about something Tomzilla and the others didn’t post bout. =S New CB post! Well, not really…but yeah..:P


Look, it’s my favorite color! And just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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The one and only Dr. Hare at 1:25 PM

AWESOME! TOTALLY AWESOME! Too bad I don’t have enough credits. I just spent my money on a ninja costume. 😛 Oh, and if you are wondering, I got the title from the Lion King, and from something totally awesome coming! Wait for it…Wait for it! WAIT FOR IT, DANG IT!!!


It is defiantly confirmed that RTV is comeing to the public on March 24! Now for you peeps who have membership, you get it on February 24. -__- He he, sometimes that smiley makes me think of a turtle. 🙂 But, yeah, it will come to us…in…some amount of days. 😛 Well, that’s all for now!

-Dizzy Penguin OUT!


HAI, it’s DP here! Everybody is stealing my titles, too..O_o Well, there’s a new homepage of poptropica! 😀

Awesome, right? And…REALITY TV ISLAND?! *gasp* I can’t wait, can you wait, ’cause I can’t wait. 😀 On further news, I don’t really have further news. But check out this cool website called “Meez!”. My username is eggrollz297.  http://www.meez.com/eggrollz297. 😀 That’s mine. Isn’t it cool? Anyways, I have to go finish my cinimon roll or else my mom is going to have a fit. xD


Hallo! I’m Dizzy Penguin! Some of you know me from the PHF. So…Yeah..:D This is my poptropican:


-Peace out!