TomZilla Three: TomZilla’s Son!

Written by TomZilla

Special thanks to Krazi, Starlit, and KP, for making these storys popular.

Chapter One: I just had to make another xD.

Narrator: TomZilla is back, and this time we will go further into the TomZilla universe, meanwhile, on the Hirosho Islands.

Chapter Two: Opening.

*TomZilla appears out of the sea*

TomZilla: Gggrrrmmm…. ROAR! *swims* *looks around and fire’s radioactive breath at the water for no reason…”

*water moves, as in theres another monster*

*a red beam fires out of the dark blue sea at TomZilla….*

*TomZilla moans in pain*

TomZilla: GGGR!

*Giant sea lobster comes out of the ocean..*


*Hurga grabs TomZilla with his over grown right claw…*

*TomZilla’s dorsal fins glow bright greenish blue..*

TomZilla: Hmmmmg….

*TomZilla fires his hyper spiral breath at Hurga.*

*Hurga’s left claw is disattached from its body, because of TomZilla’s atomic breath…*


*Hurga quickly lets go of TomZilla.*

*TomZilla’s dorsal fins, glow dark red, until they turn bright orange..*


*TomZilla releases a blast of his finishing atomic breath..*

*Hurga dissapears as TomZilla fires his breath at him.*

Chapter Three: Vacation? I guess.

Coskit: Ah, nothing like a good vacation at the Hirosho beach…

StarLit: You got that right, and were Chilly Raptor free!

*sand starts moving*

KutiePie: What is that??!!

*CR pops out of sand*

Chilly Raptor: HI GUYS!

KutiePie: How did you get out of TomZilla? I pushed you in!

Chilly Raptor: Um… Never mind that…

Josh: Chilly Raptor, for the last time, go stalk someone esle, we’ve had enough of you just being “you”…

Krazi: Chilly Raptor? You again? Dang, I want to kill you like KP did last time… But your alive… Im confused….


*meanwhile in some scientists base on the same island…*

Chapter Four: Do I have to explain?

Scientist #1: Guys! I have finnaly completed it!

Scientist #2: Completed what? What does it do?

Scientist #1: It can controll weather! It would always be sunny on the Hirosho islands! Even in winter!!! Think of all the money we could make! Its called the WEATHERPROTOTYPE 2000.

*a reporter walks in..*

Reporter: Say that again…. *gets out notebook and pen…*

Scientist #1: Why would you want to listen to what we Scientists are working  on?

*they all here rumbling sounds.*

Scientist #3: I’ll go look outside to see what that was!

*He walks outside, wondering “Why did I say THAT!”*

*Giant Preying Mantis walks out of the forest.*

Scientist #3: OH MY GOD!

*He quickly runs inside the building*


*they all walk outside*

Reporter: I don’t see anything…..

Scentist #1 and #2: We don’t see anything….

Scientist #1: Im going to activate the WEATHERPROTOTYPE 2000!

*He presses many buttons and pulls a lever..*

There, now lets wait a few days….

** A few days later (yes I was to lazy to write what they say over these three days xD)**

Scientist #1: Hmm…. *looks at computer.* It looks like its ready…. *pushes START button* Now time to go to sleep…

Chapter Five: The horrible epic fail.

*A brick on the top self falls onto the WEATHERPROTOTYPE 2000..*

*WEATHERPROTOTYPE 2000 releases a radioactive balloon into the air.*

*a few hours later the balloon pops, and creates a radioactive storm!*

Giant Praying Mantis: Hmmg?

*radioactive raindrops fall onto the Preying Mantis, who multiplys and grows taller and taller.. Until they become Preying Menaces.*

Chapter Six: Did you think I forgot about the main characters?

Krazi: Chilly Raptor, please, stop stalking us, its… Freaky…

Chilly Raptor: Shut up fool.

*krazi slaps Cr (yeah I just had to add that xD).*

Josh Starlit Coskit and KutiePie: Nice job Krazi!

Chapter Seven: You thought I forgot about the star, TomZilla?

*The sun sets, as the moon rises slowly…*

*Everyone has left the beach*

*TomZilla’s head pops out of the dark blue water..*

TomZilla: Roar…

*TomZilla steps in the earthy sand, leaving huge footsteps as he explores his new home.*

*As he walks through the green trees in the forest, he comes to a pack of Preying Menace’s digging up a greenish egg..*

*TomZilla looks around…*

Preying Menace: SCRRREEECCCHHH!!!

*They slam their pinchers on the egg until its cracks open.*

TomZilla: RRRROOOOAAARRR!!! *TomZilla noticed the Baby TomZilla, that will be named Tom-Nilla.*

*TomZilla picks up one Praying Menace, and throws him up in the air, then fires his atomic breath at the mutated insect, as it melts through his ecoskeleton .*

*The two other Preying Menace’s attack TomZilla and one dies, from TomZilla’s spin kick attack…*

*The last Preying Menace flys off as TomZilla rushes to save the baby TomZilla.*

Tom-Nilla: Hhhr?

*Tom-Nilla fires comical green smoke rings at a tree.*

*The tree catches on fire.*

*Tom-Nilla laughs at the tree as TomZilla stomps on the tree to prevent a forest fire.*

TomZilla: Roar!

Tom-Nilla: Nrrhh…

*TomZilla falls asleep by a rock…*

*Tom-Nilla, noticing that TomZilla’s tail is wagging, found out a “fun” new game..*

Tom-Nilla: Hggr!

*Tom-Nilla jumps over TomZillas tail as it comes wagging at him.*

*Tom-Nilla does this several times, and then trips and falls on TomZilla’s tail, surprized, TomZilla awakes to only find out his new adopted son was just causing the terror.*

Chapter Eight: Training Tom-Nilla how to Roar, and Breathe Radioactive Breath.

TomZilla: Roar!

Tom-Nilla: Rah!?

*TomZilla trys to teach him lots of times, just to learn Tom-Nilla is unlearnable.*

*TomZilla fires his atomic breath, to see if  Tom-Nilla would do the same.*

*Tom-Nilla’s dorsal fins glow green, and out of his mouth comes another batch of smoke rings…*

*TomZilla, walking, accidently steps on Tom-Nilla’s tail, causing him to blow radioactive breath like TomZilla. TomZilla then noticed he could only fire atomic breath when he’s in stress.*

TomZilla: RRooarR….

*TomZilla goes into the mountains to get some food, meanwhile, Tom-Nilla is wondering around the Hirosho forest, wondering, “Whats next?”.*

Chapter Nine: Tom-Nilla’s big mistake.

Tom-Nilla: Hhhhgggr!

Tom-Nilla: Rah? Raw? Rag? ROAR!

*Tom-Nilla looks around, hearing he has learned how to roar.*

*Suddendly, a giant spider, (much like the Preying Menaces) comes out of nowhere, and traps Tom-Nilla in a spider web.*

Spigara: HHHGGGJJJ!!!!

Chapter Ten: TomZilla to the rescue!

*TomZilla hears Tom-Nilla’s moans, and quickly follows the sound, to the Spigaras spiderweb.*

*Being in the spiders web, Tom-Nilla is greatly scared and could not roar, or blow atomic breath, or smoke rings.*



*TomZilla’s dorsal fins glow bright green.*

*TomZilla fires his atomic neon green breath at the giant spider, causing 3 of his 8 legs to come off.*

*Spigara jumps high in th air, and body slams on TomZilla.*

*TomZilla gets back up, grabs one of Spigaras legs, spins Spigara around, lets go and fires his atomic breath at the 8 legged (now 5 legged) freak.*

The WEATHERPROTOTYPE 2000 then accidently turns the weather to snowy, lots of snow falls to the ground… TomZilla finds a cave for him and Tom-Nilla, they hibernate in there as the white snow gathers, and covers the cave.

                           The End


7 Responses to “TomZilla 3: TomZilla’s Son!”

  1. starlit15 Says:

    LOVE IT!! ❤ ★★★★★ Five stars ;D

    1. Tomzilla Says:

      You’ll give 10000/5 stars to TomZila 4 :D.

  2. loudshark Says:

    1,000000000 starz!!

  3. Coskit Says:

    Nice job! 😀 And….Coskit gets TomNilla for a pet. 😀

    Next: TomZilla has a daughter! Named Coskit! :D:D

    1. Golden Shell Says:

      No he doesn’t. He has a daughter named TomSilla. 😀 XD

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  5. lolkutiepie Says:

    4TH BOOKK!! Oh and it sounds like Tomzila is a mom lol Not you Tom. But nicee =p

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