Tomzillas Revenge

        Written by: TomZilla

Scene one: Flashback.

Narator: Long ago, In the South Pole, A Tomsaurus was traped in a ice cavern for millions of years. But the dangers humans bring to Earth awoken the 10,000 year old Tomsaurus and transformed him, In to a bigger, more powerful, smarter Tomsaurus, Thus TomZilla was born.

                          Scene Two: Tokyo.

Chilly Raptor: Oh come on where can a ugly boy get food in this place…..       

Kutie Pie: Oh shut up CR we all know your not aloud in Japan after what happened last time…. So what are you doing here?!

Chilly Raptor: Yes…. Im in a disguise…….. *pulls out Fredy Couger disguise*

*Starlit runs onto the screen*

Starlit: Hey guys! Did you hear?! They found some weird bones in ice at the South Pole!

Kutie Pie: What?

*Chilly Raptor puts on Fredy Couger disgiuse as Cop walks by*

Chilly Raptor: Um…. Hi? This is Fredy Couger…..

*Starlit and Kutie Pie laugh at CR*

Starlit: Why do you follow us CR? Its freaky……

Kutie Pie: Yeah, You need to get a life…

*Chilly Raptor ignores them and watches TV*

Chilly Raptor: Hey look! Their having a documentry about those bones!

Tv Reporter: And these…. Mysterious bones have been took in to investagate, and have found out their millions of years old! This is weird their here because 2 years ago we bombed the South Pole.

Kutie Pie: Wow, I wound what happened to the other bones, like the head, and body…..

*Josh Opens door*

Josh: Sorry I was late! I just heard the Tv Report and hurried over here as fast as I could!

Josh: Chilly Raptor? WTF are you doing here?

Chilly Raptor: SHHHHHH! All you know is Im Fredy Couger…….

Starlit: Ok….. Other than That, I heard that a small island was attacked by some monster…..!

*Starlit changes TV channel*

TV Reporter: And as we head to the Weather, The small islands off Japan were resently attack by a “Monster” as they say….

StarLit: See? They said the radioactive rays they found in the islands were found in car sized footprints! And its skin and blood is almost like the skin and blood of a Tomsaurus!

*Chilly Raptor puts on Fredy Couger disguise*

Cop: Hello How is your day? (In Japanese)

Chilly Raptor: Hi I am Fredy Couger….. I guess……

*suddenly they all hear footsteps*

Kutie Pie: WHAT WAS THAT!?

StarLit: Who knows? It could be that monster I was talking about….!

Cop: Be still I’ll take care of this!

                                                       Scene Three: Outside at night

Cop: Hmm….. Hey…. Is that a explosion?!

Kutie Pie: Looks like…… I giant… DINOSAUR?!?!….

StarLit: Woah, I didn’t really want the monster to come to Tokyo now…!

Chilly Raptor: I always wanted to kiss a giant dinaosaur….

*monster comes closer*

Cop: Woah….. RUN!

*Cop tells them to follow him to a Science Fair*

                                     Scene Four: Science Fair.

Super Nerd: Uhh… Like….. I tested some dinosaur samples they found on those islands.. And uh…. *uses inhailer* found out this is no ordinary “Monster/dinosaur” thing, but it closely resembles a Tomsaurus so therefore Im naming it TomZilla.

StarLit: Um…. Yeah….. Thats nice….. I guess……

Chilly Raptor: But what esle was in the DNA?

Super Nerd: Well, it turns out, this monster was awoken by atomic bombs and radioactive structure.

Kutie Pie: But what does that have to do with anything?

Super Nerd: Lotsa things……

*ground starts shaking*

*Cop looks out side*

Cop: Um… Guys… “TomZilla” is coming!


Kutie Pie: Thats good Chilly, Now I don’t have to kill you, The disguise is doing it for me….

Starlit: Um.. Guys no time for chit chat, TomZillas looking at us!

*Super Nerds look up*

Super Nerds: HALLELUJAH!

*As Kutie Pie, Star, Chilly Raptor, and the cop run, TomZilla eats the Super Nerds*

                                                       Scene Five: Top Of A High Sky Scraper at night.


Starlit: Hmm… It seems He likes to travel South…… Hes going back to the South Pole!

*As TomZilla walks ever closer, Chilly Raptor walks to the front of the edge of the bulding*

*TomZilla stops at the front of the building and looks at Chilly Raptor*


*As TomZilla Roars, Kutie Pie comes up to Chilly Raptor and pushes him in TomZillas mouth*


                                      Scene Six: In TomZillas Troat

Chilly Raptor: AAAHHHHHH!!!!! IM FALLING! Hey! Theres free Chorros here! AHHHHHH!

                            *Scene changes back to Top Of a High Sky Scraper at night*

Starlit: I guess we better run….

*Everyone runs but the cop*

Cop: Umm… WOAH!.. Nice Dino…. Nice… Dino…..

             * TomZillas back spines glow bright green*

Cop: What does that mean? Is this like that “Gojira” movie I watched last night?

 *TomZilla blasts a green radioactive heat beam*

Cop: AAAAHHHHHHH *Beam hits him*

                                   Scene Seven: On the ground again

Kutie Pie: Wheres the cop?!


TomZilla (In background): RRRRRAAAWWWWWWRRRRR!!!!

*TomZilla blasts beam at Sky Scraper*

*Suddenly Kutie Pie and Starlit hear a explosion*

Starlit: WHAT WAS THAT!?

Kutie Pie: I think that was the sky scraper we were just on!

Starlit: At least we aren’t on it anymore!

*Starlit and Kutie Pie run into a building*

                                                           Scene Eight: Mysterious Building

Starlit: Hello anyone in here?!

Dr.  PumpkinPie: Hello, What do you want?

Kutie Pie: Anything that will kill the monster!

Dr PumpkinPie: What monster?

Starlit: Look outside!

*Dr. looks out side at the firey scene*

Dr. PumpkinPie: Hmmm…… Yes Ihave the perfect thing for that….

Kutie Pie: Hey weres Josh?

*Josh runs in the door*


Kutie Pie: Oh yes, we did…

Dr. PumpkinPie: Hmm… Follow me…..

*Dr. PumpkinPie takes them into the lab*

Dr. PumpkinPie: Say hello to the Structure destroyer! It will kill anything thats in water…..

Starlit: We need to get TomZilla in water then!

Josh: TomZilla?

Starlit: Long story…..

Kutie Pie: But Star, how are we gonna get TomZilla into water? For all we know he could hate water…..

Starlit: Well….. Hes been frozen in ice for millions of years, you think he hates water?!

Josh: Stars got a point…..

Dr. PumpkinPie: Well… I did manage to get a sample of “TomZillas” DNA… It turns out he eats fish… Lots of it…. Even whales…. Maybe even people….

Starlit: Hmm…… Were gonna need alot of fish…..

Kutie Pie: But….. How are we gonna get alot of fish…

Josh: I KNOW! At Chilly Raptors house….. It always smells “Fishy” there…

                     Scene Nine: Chilly Raptors House

Kutie Pie: There in the frige!

Starlit: Wow…. Thats alot of fish….

Josh: Were gonna need a bigger bag…. Than this Wal-Mart bag……

Starlit: Hey! Look!….. Theres a sign that says “Fish Bag”…. And A button under it!

*Star presses button*

House Computer: Please leave now, Fish Bag has been activated, This house will self destruct in 10, 9, 8,…..

*Star, Josh, and Kutie Pie run out of house”

House Computer: 5….. 4….. 3….. 2… 1…….


*A giant bag filled with fish pops out of house*

Josh: Wow…….

*Somehow they carrie the bag to Dr. PumpkinPies lab*

Dr. PumpkinPie: Hmmm….. That might work…. Now we need to put these dead fish in Tokyo bay…..

                                                   Scene  Ten: Tokyo Bay

TomZilla (In background): RRRRRRAAAAAAWWWWWRRRRRR!!!!!!!

*As TomZilla ever walks closer Kutie Pie, Josh, And Starlit fill the bay with fish*

TomZilla (Walking) *Stomp* *Stomp*

Kutie Pie: HEY! I hear him coming!

Starlit: Me to!

Josh: We better hurry…..

*Dr. PumpkinPie brings Structure Destroyer*

Dr. PumpkinPie: Hurry Into this boat!

*Everyone gets into boat*

*Dr. PumpkinPie puts on divers suit*

Dr. PumpkinPie: Ok… Now we wait for TomZilla…….

*TomZilla jumps into Tokyo Bay swimming, and searching for fish*

Dr. PumpkinPie: Im going in…..

*Dr. PumpkinPie jumps into water*

*Dr. presses random buttons on the Structure Destroyer*

*Meanwhile, Above on the boat*

Starlit: I hope hes ok…

*Water fizzes*

TomZilla: RRRRRAAAAAAWWWRrrrrrrrrr….rr…r………..

*TomZilla turns to bones and falls to the sea floor*


Star: TomZillas destroyed!

Kutie Pie: But wheres Dr. PumpkinPie?!

*Sad music plays*

                                Scene Eleven: Back inside

Tv Reporter: Yes It turns out TomZilla is dead, Along with the person who killed it, Dr. PumpkinPie………….

*Screen turns black*

                                                      THE END

Actors: TomZilla (In “TomZilla” monster costume)

Josh as Josh

Chilly Raptor as Chilly Raptor

Sir PumpkinHead as Dr. PumpkinPie


Starlit as Starlit

Kutie Pie as Kutie Pie

Special thanks to Actors and Actresses for letting me put you in the story………



12 Responses to “TomZillas Revenge!”

  1. Tomzilla Says:

    Thanks if you read this story, I made it my self! 😀

    1. anahappysword Says:

      Great story,but hoe did they get into C.R.’s house?Did they have a key or something?

      1. Tomzilla Says:

        Actuly xD…. “TomZilla” smashed through his house xDDDD

  2. blue dragon Says:


  3. starlit15 Says:

    OMG! Its SO funny what you make us do and say XD its sad that Dr. pumkine pie and you die in the end 😥

    1. Tomzilla Says:

      Star, Thats not me xD Its a giant dinosaur of some type xD

  4. lol Says:

    Lol, nice!

    _mamaluigi, i use blogger, so i don’t have an account here, DO NOT JUDGE ME.

  5. Tomzilla Says:

    My fav part is when CR gets eaten xDD

    1. Tomzilla Says:

      Also, so far this is the most comments my blogs had in one day xD

  6. Noisy Fish Says:

    Cool Story TomZilla!

    You should do another one with me in it 😀

  7. lolkutiepie Says:

    I should have kicked him then push him down a hole then kill him 😀

  8. KraziGirl Says:

    awesome stroy bro espiciallu like when CR dies aka gets ear=ten :D:D:D:D

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