Really I’ve been thinking how nabooti takes place in Africa or how poptropicans can survie Any weather condition or how we don’t have necks or shoes or don’t have to have helments in space and other stuff. The werid thing is Big Nate island is the weridist island  because every ones a comic in it thats just werid and why do Poptropican’s heads grow HUGE on April Fools day? And I wonder why Poptropica is not  just some islands in the middle of nowhare on planet Earth. I guess Poptropica is just werid like that.

Why is it called Poptropica?

Things like this pop in my head all the time I guess we’ll never know that much about the weridness on Poptropica..?

EDIT:Tomzilla:Ohh and a glitch I found!

Log in to Poptropica and type this in your address bar,

javascript: alert(document.body.innerHTML='<form name="input" action="base.php" method="post"><input name="island" value="Early" /><input name="room" value="GlobalSantaBuddies" /></form>'); alert(document.input.submit()):

It will have some things when it loads but click OK on all of them and it will take you to a Ad

Sorry if someone already said this.